Casa Rural La Cañada

                                                            Rural house "La Cañada" Cáceres

   In the first floor you can find the hall. This floor has also a warm atmosphere because of its walls painted in a beautiful yellow. These  photographes show a lamp and the hall.


  In the second floor we can find the living-room .The living-room has two parts: a rustic kitchen and the living-room which has a beautiful chimeney. The ceiling has wooden balks.


        In the third floor  we can find the terrace. From the terrace you can see all the historic part of the village. One part of the terrace is covered by a wood ceiling. It allowes you to bask in the sun in winter and to get some fresh air in summer. Here there are a table made of wood and iron and six chairs. It is a perfect place to tread and to have a rest for hours.