Alcántara esta situada en una zona privilegiada de caza mayor

   If you are keen on routes, here you can find several ones to do by car or on foot:                

      - The Routes of the chimeneys 

      -The Routes of the castle of Peñafiel

    The  place  has  a  beautiful  and  cleaned  nature. Here  the  Extremaduran pasture land reaches the highest splendour. How wonderful is to see the great bustards in the road of Menbrío and herons in the halm-oak woods in winter.

  The swamp is the perfect place to practise all kinds, of  nautic sports


       A fantastic place is  "La Cantera", a lake which appeared spontaneously in the place where Hidroeléctrica extract the dry goods which were necessary to make the swamp. the water of this lake has very special properties: after having a bath you will see how soft are y0ur skin and hair. 

        it is very interesting to visit, Marvao y Monsanto, in Portugal. both of them are old villlages like    Alcántara.

         Alcántara  is  situated  in a privileged place of big game. The number of stags and boars wild are increasing each year. At night, in September, you can listen to " La berrea" of the males which are on heat from the road.

       There  are  several  organizations  of the big games. One of the most famous one is "Monterías Sierra de Benavente".This organization, apart from big games, organizes small games too. Manager Pablo Díaz Ladrón de Guevara. Telephones       927 39 00 52         656 97 31 43   fax 927 39 00 57.

       Monterías Sierra de Benavente  

      If you like fishing you can do it in the wamp or in several rivers:  Tajo , Alagón, Salor y Ribera de Portugal. The most common fishes are barbels, carps and black bass.